Component json output, explain

Got the following response from calling the Name component through the API:

{'action_name': 'entry_name_unknown_:namer_vp3:52:1', 'component_done': False, 'component_failed': False, 'confidence': 1, 'idontknow': False, 'response': 'Will you please tell me your name?', 'response_time': 0.1482021809, 'updated_context': {}}

Except the response key I do not understand how to use the rest of the data.
How you use it?


Good question, here is the proper explanation:

  • action_name - Unique identifier of for a response in a conversation context.
  • component_done - True when the component accomplished it’s goal.
  • component_failed - True when the component failed it’s goal. For example: When a user resists give his name to the namer component, which goal is get his name.
  • idontknow - True when the conversation went out of context.
  • confidence - How confidante the component is with the answer.
  • response_time - The time that took to the component to come up with the response.
  • updated_context - The context variables, for example: For the namer component the context variables will be - first_name and last_name.
  • response - The response that will be presented to the user.

Enjoy :slight_smile: and feel free to ask questions,

Still did not get what is the updated_context…

Parameters which the component collected through the conversation, based on the purpose of the component.

Here is the example from the Name component:

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That is much more clear to me,

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