Publish my Dialogflow Bot on coco

I see that the community at it’s beginning but I will give it a shot.
How can I deploy my Dialogflow bot as component?
Is there any docs or if anyone has an experience, would be glad to know.

Hi Finn,

In order to place your component on CoCo marketplace you have to
Implement a simple API which you can find on our marketplace docs:

You can do it easily by using our open source connector for DialogFlow(Deployment doc can be seen at the read me section):

In the near future, we will release a feature for hosting your component.
So the only thing you will have to do is to extract your Dialogflow agent auth key
and upload it.

Then create a vendor at your profile on the marketplace, create an engine and
send your component to review.

Feel free to ask questions,

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Thanks for the quick response and the helpful information.

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