Rasa Elements and CoCo

Hello. My name is Alan and I just discovered this new thing. I develop bots with Rasa and am now experimenting with Rasa Elements. Can anyone explain if and how Rasa Elements combines with coco components’?


Rasa elements are a conceptual idea to categorize common patterns in a conversation.
You can read more about elements in the Rasa docs:

CoCo components are like dialogue elements on the highest level according to the Rasa-Elements scale - each component solves a specific user sub goal.

Combining the two should be quite simple if you structure your Rasa project while keeping the elements hierarchy in mind - you would just call CoCo for some of your user-subgoals instead of implementing it on your own in Rasa.

In addition, you may also identify which parts of your bot are from the highest elements scale and decide to publish them to CoCo to share with the community your efforts.